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Knit Coat Sweater c.1920 from Columbia Yarns | History of Fashion Design

Knit Coat Sweater c.1920 from Columbia Yarns



Knitted Coat Sweater

Columbia Floss, 7 balls Tan, 2 balls Seal Brown; Columbia Bone or Celluloid Knitting Needles, size 5.

This sweater is knitted lengthwise. Always k the first st.

Front: Cast on 92 sts and k plain, adding 2 sts at one end every rib for 20 ribs or 40 rows (132 sts on needle). K 20 ribs without increasing. On next row bind off at shoulder end 30 sts and then decrease 1 st each rib at armhole 10 times. K 10 ribs even and add 1 st at armhole each rib 10 times. Finally cast on 30 sts for shoulder at back and k 65 ribs even. This gives 20 ribs for each shoulder and 25 ribs for neck. Bind off 30 sts for other shoulder and reverse directions for other front. Sew up shoulder seams.

Band: Using yarn double, pick up 1 st for each rib around lower edge and k 1 inch plain. Bind off loosely on wrong side.

Sleeves: Cast on 90 sts and k 2 ribs even. Decrease 1 st at each end of every third rib until there are 60 sts and then k even until sleeve measures 17 inches. Next row k every 2nd and 3rd sts together and then on 44 sts left k 2, p 2 far 2 inches. Bind off on right side. Sew in neatly and sew up seams.

Collar: Using seal brown cast on 50 sts and k 3 ribs plain.

  • Row 7: * K 2 sts, pick up tan and k 2 and repeat from *. Always drop unused strand on wrong side of collar and work 2 sts of brown at each side.
  • Row 8: K 2 of brown, drop yarn toward worker, * p 2 of tan, p 2 of brown, repeat from * and k 2 brown.
  • Rows 9 and l0: These rows form 1 rib worked with brown.
  • Repeat the 4 pattern rows until collar is long enough for fronts and neck of sweater and finish with 3 ribs of brown.
  • Sew on carefully and finish ends with a 6-inch brown fringe.

Cuffs: Using brown, cast on 32 sts and k in collar pattern until long enough to fit around cuff. Sew ends together and sew on edge of ribbing.

Girdle: Using brown double, cast on 10 sts, k plain for 2 yards and finish with crocheted balls.

from Columbia Yarns, n.d., pg. 129.


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