Home Sewing on the American Home Front:She Saves Who Sews For Victory


This paper was originally published in Costume the journal of The Costume Society (UK), 1992.

victory1 victory2

WPByardstick Government guidelines for clothing production.

voguepatchwork A designer jacket made from small scrap wool pieces of fabrics.

suitthatboughtbond A woman’s suit made from a man’s old suit.

victory3 victory4

pickenalterations Alterations to resize old dresses.

gaybras Bras and summer wear made from tablecloths

victory5 victory6

rescuedrems Suits made from the scrap fabrics of two old garments.

bitsoffelt Fashionable accessories to make from little bits of craft felt

victory7 victory8

victory9 cottonstockings Accessories to be made from cut up Cotton stockings, which were plentiful in the U.S.

victory10 pickendarns Ways of darning stockings.

victory11 Enlarged photos of some of the illustrations


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