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History of Makeup, Perfume & Cosmetics & Perceptions of the Face | History of Fashion Design

History of Makeup, Perfume & Cosmetics & Perceptions of the Face

    • Perfumes for the Period Scent
    • Make Up Book for Professionals by F.W. Nack, Chicago, c.1900 a complete facsimile of a copyright expired lithographic pamphlet on stage makeup from around 1900. It shows clear diagrams of the common types of theatre makeup used for portraying popular characters and types on the American stage at that time. These diagrams are not only interesting for the study of the history of stage makeup, but also for the study of various stereotypes of race, gender and age prevalent in stage works of the time, including blackface, yellowface, and redface.
    • period makeup: ancient Egypt
    • period makeup: ancient Rome
    • period makeup: sixteenth-century Europe
    • period makeup: eighteenth-century Europe
    • 41HT185EDGL Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry
    • 41TDTK6MM6L Behind the Burnt Cork Mask: Early Blackface Minstrelsy and Antebellum American Popular Culture (Music in American Life)


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