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Hamlet Dreams Rends Costume Renderings | History of Fashion Design

Hamlet Dreams Rends Costume Renderings

Hamlet Dreams Costume Design Renderings

This was one of those shows that changed hugely from conception to completion, so there are two sets of renderings. The set with a gray background was the original one, the set with the maroon background was done hastily one day a couple of weeks before dress when it became clear the concept had changed a lot. You may find it interesting to see which elements from the original very wild designs made it into the very sedate final versions. Even between the final renderings and the completed costumes (photos) you can see there were many changes done in the last two weeks of building.

claudiusreject claudius death ghost

mvc-001f gertrudereject gertrude madhamlet

hamlets mvc-006f laertesreject laertes

madophelia virginophelia ophelias mvc-007f

poloniusreject polonius mvc-004f hamlets


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