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Gothic and Vampire Clothing Page | History of Fashion Design

Gothic and Vampire Clothing Page

(And a few Punk, Harajuku, Gothic Lolita, and Hysteric clothing links as well)

Again, don’t assume, just because this is a link off of the Transgender, Kink, & Fetish Clothing and Body Modification Links page that all these Goth fashion links, or all Goth clothing is worn for wildly kinky or S&M purposes. If your kid comes home with dyed black hair and nails, psudo-Victorian clothing, and vampire books, don’t panic. Just buy them Edward Gorey books for Christmas, send them to sewing class, and they will probably just grow up to be a costume designer like me. It is usually a phase, like being in the Medieval reenactor SCA, where the creative person searches for beauty and distinction, on the road to becoming an artist. Both these phases were important to my development, and enriched my life. Indeed, I still like wearing skull-embellished black clothes to Dept chair meetings, just to amuse my colleagues from time to time.) See also Steampunk Costume and Prop Links

  • 10scullcandelabra Gothic Decor for Halloween, Haunted Houses, and the Weird
  • 41SJTVQB3GL Gothic Jewelry
  • gothloli6 Gothic Lolita & Other Japanese Alternative Fashion Magazines For Sale
  • 416HRZ417ZL Wicked Skull Walking Staff Sword Cane Sports & Outdoors
  • Torrid - the alternative for sizes 12 - 26!
  • elegantblackpara Elegant Black Parasol with Beaded Fringe Apparel
  • 51rMHh4ZfCL Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living (The best Halloween how-to book ever. This book
  • beautifulbatenburglacefan Beautiful Battenburg Lace Fans with Tassel, Large Size in Black
  • 51KN47HNPFL._SX425_ The Short Victorian Corset
  • 51SDQN7EQTL._SX260_ 21st Century Goth
  • 415R4EJ0BJL Gothic: Four Hundred Years of Excess, Horror, Evil and Ruin
  • vinylcorsetgown Vinyl corset gown
  • 511tUUB0W-L._SX260_ Fancy Coffins to Make Yourself
  • beadedweskit Newport News: Beaded weskit pump
  • battberglaceandfloralparasol Romantic Battenburg Lace Parasol with Embroidery in Black
  • 51YCNAvhctL Goth: Identity, Style and Subculture (Dress, Body, Culture Series)
  • vollersoverbust Vollers over-bust corset
  • vollerssatinunderbust Vollers satin under-bust corset
  • vinylbatwings Vinyl Bat Wings
  • 6inchsandalsphericalheel 6 Inch Sandal with Spherical Heel
  • somwhereintimehatsmissburgundycristal Somewhere in Time Hat Victorian Style Tea Hat designed by Darna Miss Burgundy Crystal Fairy Apparel
  • lacytrimmedgothgirl Lacy Trimmed Goth Girl Dress
  • 41dhzDIyyjL._SX425_Gothic Bridal Veil – Gothic Bride Costume Fun!
  • womenswitch105 Women’s WITCH-105 Spike Angel
  • womenskinkspike Women’s KINK Spike Angel
  • womenstorment800 Women’s TORMENT-800 Spike Angel
  • womenswitch127 Women’s WITCH-127 Spike Angel
  • womensslush280 Women’s SLUSH-280 Spike Angel


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