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Furs for Women's in 1930ce | History of Fashion Design

Furs for Women's in 1930ce


I bought this small group of pamphlets on fur coats some years ago.  They are all from stores in San Francisco and Oakland and all appear to have been picked up by someone planning to buy a fur coat in the winter of 1930, who was a careful shopper, looking around for the best bargain in the Bay Area.  She was likely an Oakland/Berkeley woman who had charge accounts at Capwell’s and The Emporium since two of the leaflets were the kind only sent to charge customers.

capwellprices Price list from Capwell’s (Oakland)

capwells1 capwells2 capwells5 Capwell’s Fur Sale Pamphlet

capwells3 capwells4 details

capwells6 capwells7 capwells8

capwells9 capwells10 closer details

emporium1 emporium2 Emporium (San Francisco) Pamphlet

emporium7 inside

emporium4 emporium5 emporium6 details

emporium3 separate Emporium Handout

morris1 morris2 morris3

morris4 morris5


Robert Morris (San Francisco) Winter 1930 pamphlet

morrissalecoupon Morris Sale Coupon

schl1 schl2 schl3

schl4 schl5

schl6 schl7 Schelesinger’s August Fur Sale individual handouts


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