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Final Project Lesson15 | History of Fashion Design

Final Project Lesson15

Final Projects
Step 1:
Post a final version of your Vintage Clothing Report to your web page , and where it is so she can add your completed web page to the student web site links. 

As a reminder, the report should contain the following:

  1. A brief description of the garment.
  2. Photos of the garment.
  3. An estimated “date” of the garment, with a description of the reasons/sources you used to arrive at this date.
  4. An estimated “story” of the garment, describing when it was probably worn (parties, work, wedding?), what price range it represents (custom tailored, expensive, home-made, mass produced cheaply?), and any other important information you have been able to deduce.
  5. A list of sources of information: This may include family stories, hyperlinks, or bibliography.

Remember also that you can get Extra Credit if you include any of the following (You can lift your grade in this class by a full letter if you are an over-achiever and include all these):

  1. Pattern
  2. Detail drawings
  3. Long, detailed, web page on the social/historical/fashion background of the era of the garment.

1890sjacketfront 1891 Woman’s Wool Jacket

1940s-shoes-oxfords Period: 1940’s

title Vintage Bras


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