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Fashion Show Lineup | History of Fashion Design

Fashion Show Lineup

Directors will choose the order of the lineup in their section.  Numbers are solely for organizational purpos

Beginning: Alaskan Dress Section A Section CANCELLED due to many of the needed costumes being missing from storage Suggestions for casting
Strange SuitsSECTION B Odd amalgamation from lots of different shows.  Could be Gender-bending, or absurdly stiff like a parody of a fashion show with dweebs in suits. DIALOGUE NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN FOR THIS SECTION It might go well to jump straight into the Deltone’sMiserlou(Beginning of Pulp Fiction) orFashion Victim
The BacchaeB-5 bacchae4Pentheus Suit Blue two piece suit,White Shirt,Red vinyl tie,Black Shoes, Ryan SkawFITTEDEasy Movement
Yahoo NationB-6 Japanese Businessman Painted jacket, blue pants, kabuki mask,White shirt,Painted tie, socks, black shoes, Skinny manEasy Movement
The Bacchae/Water StealersB-7 Cadmus/leafman Leaf suit,White Shirt,Fish tie,WheelchairShoes Charles HeronFITTEDWheelchair if possible
The Bacchae/Water StealersB-8 60569_18Tiresias/leafman Leaf suit,White Shirt,Butterfly tie,Staff,Shoes, Brian SmartFITTEDEasy Movement
Comedy of ErrorsB-9 bacchae4 (1)Antipholi 1 or 2comedyb2Click here Yellow shirt/blue shirt,Hard collars,Yellow tie/blue tie,Striped jackets,Striped vests,Checked pants,Spectator shoes,Yellow socks/blue socks. Small guyEasy Movement
Comedy of ErrorsB-10B-11 errors8  errors2Merchants Red ties,Striped shirts,Black hats,Outlined jackets,Checkered pants,Spectator shoes,socks Alexei AntohinFITTEDAnatoly Antohin?Easy Movement
Comedy of ErrorsB-12 candymanThe Duke White Shirt,Black tie,Spectator shoes,Tiger stripe tux, Brandon MurphyFITTEDEasy Movement
Yahoo NationB-13 Papa (Dutch) Check jacket,Red tie,Blue pants,White shirt Medium manEasy Movement
Alice in WonderlandB-14 Mad hatterMVC-005F Green foam hat,Yellow shirt, Green floppy tie, green pants,Green painted jacket, flower in buttonhole,Shoes,Socks,Spats, Joe AllowayFITTEDEasy Movement
KartasiB-15 Nasty Suit Elvis hair,Undershirt,Spike suit (2 piece),Spike hands,Sharp shoes Tom CreekFITTEDDifficult Movement
Biomechanical Cartoon Insanity  SECTION C The last bit of the suits section should contain the most cartoonish suits, then shift into Benny Goodman’s “Sing Sing Sing” or another similar piece with fast tempo clownish movement –blending without pause into this cartoon costume section Benny Goodman’s “Sing Sing Sing” or Prokofiev’s Lt. Kiji Troika
Kartasi C-1 garciacostumePurification Garcia Cone Hat,Rubber gloves,Hoopskirt,Black robeBloomers?Stripe socks,Black shoesWeird scythe thing Craig BrookesFITTEDDifficult Movement
12th NightC-2 malvolio2Malvolio/Maid Maid’s dressBloomersYellow stockingsYellow hatGarter beltBlack shoes Ryan StaskaFITTEDEasy Movement
Comedy of ErrorsC-3 errors4Dr. Pinch Red check pants,Outlined tailcoat,Patterned b&w vest,Bow tie,White shirt,Mortarboard,Spectators,Socks,Academic gown Harry (ANS Guy)?Easy Movement
Comedy of ErrorsC-4 errors2 (1)Amelia Nun’s headpiece,White gorget,Black robe,Constructivist tabard,Large cross,Black shoes,Black tights Amy TaylorFITTEDEasy Movement
The Successful Life of 3C-7 Mvc-005f (1)She Red wig,Red top,Red Pants,Yellow lips jacket,Yellow heels Christi BurgessEasy Movement
The Successful Life of 3C-8 Mvc-029f Mvc-011f 3 –Armed to the teeth “3” shirt,Orange pants,Checked shoesGun coat Charlie PierceFITTEDEasy Movement
Yahoo NationC-9 Statue of Liberty Green gown,Sunburst mask,SandalsCutout torch Rob JordanFITTEDSlightly awkward Movement
Yahoo NationC-10 Uncle Sam US hat mask,US jacket,US pants,US Vest,Shoes Levi Ben IsraelFITTEDDifficult Movement
Yahoo NationC-11 Mamma Rubber wig with bow,Yellow shirt,Banana skirt,Yellow petticoat,Blue shoes,mask Thin womanEasy Movement
Alice in WonderlandC-12 006_NRQueen of hearts Red crown/hatRed bodice,Ruff,Hoopskirt,Foam skirt, Extra large womanDifficultMovement
Alice in WonderlandC-13 alice1eCaterpillar Caterpillar headdress,Body,Green gloves,Mushroom top,Mushroom sheet bottom Brian WoosterFITTEDVery Difficult Movement
Alice in WonderlandC-14 006_NRCard Heart head,Card,Red shirt,Red pantsShoes, socks, AnyEasy Movement
Alice in WonderlandC-15 Mvc-017fAlice Hairbow,Blue dress,White apron,White hose,Blue shoes Brianna DoringFITTEDEasy Movement
Alice in WonderlandC-16 MVC-002FMarch hare Rabbit hat,Twinkle coat,White shirt,Brown & orange vest,Plaid pants,Floppy bow tie,Shoes,Socks,spats Small personEasy Movement
The OmnigarmentOptional section if we have a willing dance group & choreographer SECTION D muchdiagramSlower music for contrast, perhaps Rimsky-Korsakov either dancing about in the costumes, or doing the insto-transformer thing.  Should be fairly short, because the costumes are all pretty much the same. Rimsky-Korsakov The Young Prince and The Princess or the New Age-yAcross the View
Much AdoD-1D-2D-3D-4D-5 muchadoangryEnsemble Omnigarments,Body suits,Masks and hatsRepair with flowers, etc.Flat shoes & socks Carrie SewardMaya SalganekChristine BurgessEasy Movement
Period Passions  SECTION E What can I say?  It’s all about sex and costumes, mostly from Liaisons.  You guys figure it out. Handel’sSarabande if you want it to go Dramatic a la an 18th Century Tango, Chevalier’sLouise might be good for a light funny bit or the Der Rosencavalier Waltz if you want sexy classical stuff, or Dress to Sexy if you want fashion show music
Don JuanE-1 MVC-018FDon Juan Big hat,White shirt,Red vest,Black pants,Stockings,Black shoes,Purple lined cape, Wade Taylor?Easy Movement
Les Liaisons DangereusesE-2 Merteuil Brown wig,Red feather comb,Heart necklace,Red dress,Violet underskirt,Petticoat,Violet corset,Chemise,Bustle,Red stockings,Violet garters,Red shoes,fan Aria ShilanskFITTEDDifficult Movement
Les Liaisons DangereusesE-3 Valmont 1 Brown wig,Violet shirt,White cravat,Blue silk vest,violet coat,Black breeches,Red hose,Black shoes,Chatelaine, Jon WardFITTEDModerately Easy Movement
Les Liaisons DangereusesE-4 Tourvel Extended hair,Blue silk dress, quilted petticoat,Muslin petticoat,Blue corset,Violet gloves, White fichu,Chemise,Bustle, blue stockings,Garters,Blue shoes,Flowers,rosary Carrie Seward FITTED MAKEUP FOR THE THEATRE — THR 351Difficult Movement
Les Liaisons Dangereuses Valmont 2 Brown wig,Violet shirt,White cravat,White floral vest,Black coat,Black breeches,Red hose,Black shoes,sword Joe AllowayFITTEDModerately Easy Movement
Les Liaisons DangereusesE-5 Emelie Yellow hat,Yellow dress, red underskirt,Muslin petticoat,Corset,Chemise,Stockings, garters,Lewd fan,Handbag,Shoes,Brown wig,Neck ribbonbustle Abrah FawvorDifficult Movement
Les Liaisons DangereusesE-6 Danceny Blonde wig,Green knightly order,White shirt,White floral vest,Green coat,White breeches,Blue stockings,Black shoes,Sword,Tricorne hat,white gloves,cross,white cravat Tom CreekFITTEDModerately Easy Movement
Miss JulieE-7 Miss Julie 2 piece bustle dress,Petticoat,Boots,Hair bow,Bustle,Corset, Short womanDifficult Movement
Les Liaisons DangereusesE-8 Rosamonde Gray wig,Gold mob cap,Gold-white fichu,Gold mesh gloves,Face fan,Purple gold dress,Purple gold underskirt,Muslin petticoat,Bustle,Chemise,Corset,Stockings, garters,Shoes,Cane. Medium/large womanDifficult Movement
The Glass MenagerieE-9 92872_16Amanda Yellow dress, shoes, stockings Large, tall womanEasy Movement
Tuma ShowsE-10 The Tourist White Dresses,Hats,Parasol & camera,Hand Bags,Stockings,Shoes,Belts?White glovesbeads Breann Stoutenberg?Easy Movement unless we add props
Threepenny OperaE-12 3POdress4Polly Blue Dress Lace DressVisible underwearStockingsHatBoa and/or jewelryShoes with leg laces Rachel BlackwellFITTED
Threepenny OperaE-13 25560_12Hooker Dress Black Beaded DressLace mitsStockings HatBoa and/or jewelryShoes with leg laces Name?FITTED
Threepenny OperaE-14 Print2Hooker dress Lace DressVisible underwearStockings HatBoa and/or jewelryShoes with leg laces Medium-small female  Sarah Phillips?
LiasonsE-15 liaisons13Cecile de Volonges Pink skirt, Pink & Lilac dress, Chemise, bustle, petticoat, pink corset, stockings, garters, fan, lilac turban, Neck ribbon Terin Walton-RautzFITTED
Hippie Meditation Moment  SECTION F To the tunes of something mellow, low key and meditative like Jungly Bab, the Hippie outfits can filter on, in slow absurdities, or just pretty movement. Jungly Bab
As You Like ItF-1 ayli4Rosalind wizard dress Silk painted dress,Violet slip, Sandals,Floral crown, Kelly HartmanFITTEDEasy Movement
As You Like ItF-2 celiaCelia Hippie dress Blue silk dress,Blue macramé vest,Sandals,Blue slip,headband Short womanEasy Movement
As You Like ItF-3 ayli1Touchstone Yellow shirt,Hippie pants,Vest,Tie,Headband,Grinner Sneakers,‘Fro wig Troy RobbinsFITTEDEasy Movement
As You Like ItF-5 92877_09Hymen, God of Marriage Seminole patchwork suit,Shirt,Platform Shoes,Twinkle collar (recreate). Joe HarrisFITTEDEasy Movement
Alice in WonderlandF-6F-7F-8F-9 alice5 Mvc-024f Mvc-001f Mvc-023f MVC-012F (2)Hippie ensembles As found Dan GibsonFITTEDAlecia McCoyFITTEDDanny (ANS  Guy)Easy Movement
Heaven and Hell  SECTION G The big moment for pointless sound effects, weird lighting, fog machines, you know, all that self indulgent Kartasi/Yahoo shit we enjoyed playing with. Maybe we should even bring out the reflective spiral wheel. Scantily clad GOOD, fights shiny twinkly EVIL in a fashion battle of pulp comic book proportions. Something Apocalyptic or strange, contrasting with the happy hippie love fest preceding it.  If you want Rock and Roll, perhaps Big Black Mariah? Or the sung monologueWhat Keeps Mankind Alive?  Or one can go all sci-fi and sound effect stuff orMidtownblending slowly into the Vangelis version ofJerusalem
The Grand TarotG-1 dresstootightThe High Priestess White Headpiece,Rhinestone Bra and drapery,Rhinestone panty-skirt,Gold Shoes,Nylons, Christina WelchFITTEDDifficult Movement
The Grand TarotG-2 tarotpopeThe Hierophant (Pope) Cone head,Gold robe,Pregnancy pad,Gold sandals,Large cross, Anita Ashbaugh FITTEDDifficult Movement
KartasiG-3 Lucy Lucy dress, giant petticoat,White wig,Baby puppet,Shoes. Extra Large womanDifficult Movement
KartasiG-4 Baddius Masks,Claws,Shoes,Swords,Body armor,???   Darrin (ANS Guy)Difficult Movement
KartasiG-5 Sorath? Skateboard,Octobody, octopants Alex AntohinFITTEDVERY Difficult Movement
KartasiG-6 Virgo Fur bikini, White Wig,Arm wraps,White go-go boots Abrah FawvorFITTED
KartasiG-7 Kali Twinkle Bikini,Hair sticks,Honking great sword,Cape,Black go-go boots,Gloves? MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Heather Maas?

Easy MovementNeeds to be OK with flesh showing

Magic FluteG-8G-9 44478_12Angels Gold wigs,Angel dresses,Gold sandals Carey FinkFITTEDModerately Easy movement
Magic FluteG-11 44479_11Queen of the Night Ladies Egyptian wigs,Black twinkle dresses,Shoes,nylons Minerva RyanFITTED
KartasiG-14 Law Sayer 2-piece bush costume,pants,shoes Simon (ANS Guy)Difficult Movement
KartasiG-15 Kartasi Long witch wig,Silver shirt & tights,Silver armor,Gloves,Lightening sword,Silver leg guards,Shoes, Jon WardFITTEDDifficult Movement
KartasiG-16 Slime Monster head,Shreddy shirt,Shreddy pants,Monster feet,Claw gloves,Honking great sword,Tail Shannon LusterFITTEDVERY Difficult Movement
Don JuanG-17 PICT0079 PICT0081The Statue HelmetMask,Shirt Body Armor,Gloves,Trousers,Boots,Cape,Socks Ryan StaskaFITTEDDifficult Movement
Don JuanG-19 elvira2Donna Elvira (Nun) Sexy lingerieStockingsSexy shoesBlack lace robeBlack wimple,Magenta leopard nightgownGiant rosary Amy TaylorFITTEDModerately Easy Movement
The BearG-20 TARA70-R1-17_1The Widow Popova Black Veil, Black DressBlack shoesSexy stockingsCorset & Petticoatbloomersjewelry medium woman
The MikadoSECTION H It won’t fit in another category, so it has to go on it’s own.  The best music for it is probably the Mikado Overture, since it begins with the stately entrance of the Mikado music, and then quickly riffs into the upbeat “Derry down Derry” song and dance music.  If we don’t have the Tuma costumes, this piece could get moved to the beginning. MikadoOverture
The MikadoH-1H-2H-3 mikado6The Mikado HeaddressUndershirt, White TunicRed Kimono, Waist Wrap,Black Fan, Hakima2 Attendants in Black with Masks Brandon SeifertFITTEDINCREDIBLY Difficult Movement
The MikadoH-4 mikado7 Katisha Completed Costumes Wig,Purple kimono,Gold Obi and cord,Red Fan, Red underskirt,Red sandals, White tabi Marecia GuthrieFITTEDDifficult Movement
The MikadoH-5 Yum Yum Wig,Bridal Headdress,White Kimono,Red Underskirt, Red obiBlue/white fan, White tabi,Red geta, Melissa SmithFITTEDDifficult Movement
The MikadoH-6 Pish Tush Gold fan, Black Hat,Pink under kimono,Blue Choken, Violet Hakima, Black tabi,Belt with flap, Wood geta, Charlie PierceFITTEDDifficult Movement
The MikadoH-7 Nanki-Poo Red over kimono,White wedding kimono,Black tabi, Fan?,Wooden geta Belt? Skinny manDifficult Movement
The MikadoH-8H-9H-10 Female Chorus Wigs,Fans, Kimono, Red Geta,White Tabi, Red Skirts,Black Obi with center stripes, Brianna DorringAnnieYvetteJaneeALL FITTED
Sheer Fucking Pointless Spectacle  SECTION J THERE IS NO SECTION I SO IT WON’T GET CONFUSED WITH THE NUMBER 1 (OK so we’ll leave the “Sheer Fucking Pointless” part out of the Program).  This is full of costumes that are very large, very brightly colored, or very twinkly, often all three. Quite a few were made for an opera, and so possibly opera music would fit.  However, the biggest problem in this section is that it needs to have several people in it who are either very comfortable moving in their costumes, or moving pretty slowly. The two just below, both have big weird headdresses, the Sphinx actually has back wheels and wings, The Queen of the Night has a 8 foot train and wings, And the Gypsy and Mrs. X both have huge skirts. Handel’s “Let the Bright Seraphim” or other upbeat Opera Music?
The Bacchae/Water StealersJ-1 bacchae3Dionysus/Twig man Twig Headpiece,Twig suitShoes? MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Spencer YeeFITTED

VERY Difficult Movement

The Grand TarotJ-2 tarothermitThe Hermit Blue Houppelande,Green leaf tunic,Tree hat,Draperies,Shoes, Jeff Aldrich?Difficult Movement
The Grand TarotJ-3 tarotsphinxThe Sphinx Egyptian wig,Gold breastplate,Fur trousers,Fur leg cart,Gold wings, Short  Female w. narrow hipsVERY Difficult Movement
The Grand TarotJ-4 tarotgypsyThe Gypsy Feathered Turban,Hoopskirt,Patchwork Skirt,Patchwork top,Rainbow bloomers,Colored stockings,Mary Jane Shoes, Lorraine PettitFITTEDDifficult Movement
The Grand TarotJ-5 tarotfoolThe Fool Blue/purple hat,Purple Tunic,Purple/blue tights,Shoes, Joe AllowayFITTEDEasy Movement
Magic FluteJ-7 44480_17Tamino Lion hat,Armor,Blue twinkle tunic,Gold sandal boots, ModeratelyDifficult Movement
Magic FluteJ-8 44482_16Queen of the Night Red wig,Isis headdress,Lame cape,Ice crystal dress,Nylons,Silver wings,shoes Carey FinkFITTEDDifficult Movement
Magic FluteJ-9 44482_03 44482_04 Monastatos Turban hat,Gold harem pants,Twinkle tunic,Red pointy shoes,Socks Clayton (ANS Guy)Difficult Movement
Magic FluteJ-10 44478_05 flute1 Pappagena Bird girl hat,Corset dress,Striped pants,Bird shoes,socks Kate BillingtonFITTEDDifficult Movement
Magic FluteJ-11J-12J-13 44482_17 44482_18 44482_19 44482_20 44482_21 3 Slave Girls Turban,Lampshade tunics,Jewelry,Harem pants,sandals Large FemaleKalesha Pearson (small) FITTEDMust be OK with bare midriff and cleavage
The StrongerJ-14 Mvc-012f (1)Miss Y Flower hat,Purple jacket,Purple pants,Purple shoes Skinny womanEasy Movement
The StrongerJ-15 Mvc-015fMrs X Red petal dress,Red wig,Red gloves,Jeweled shoes,Bridesmaid petticoat Alecia McCoyFITTEDDifficult Movement
Magic FluteJ-16 Pappageno Bird Suit, Bird Feet, Bird Hat Rob JordanFITTED
WeddingSECTION K The last dress in a traditional fashion show is a wedding dress.  I thought we could jerk our audience around a bit by doing the LOTR quadruple ending bit: Start with something obvious like Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, then pop out Lady B, get them all to think: “Oh how Theatre UAF, the Bride is a guy…” Then add in Jack’s black suit, so there is a couple “Oh, I get it, it’s a SF Wedding cake…” Then pop out The white Jack and Gwendolyn “No, it’s a weird Wedding Party…” Then either Cecily or Prism (Whoever we have bodies for) and Algy “A triple wedding?” then all three couples throw confetti, as if they are bridesmaids and groomsmen, for the REAL bride and groom: Dick and Jane.  After we milk that for all it’s worth, then, anyone who is still in one of the previous costumes can come out on stage en masse to the song “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and do a curtain call, whichwould be properly UAF, plus being an in joke for anyone who has seen Zoolander. Mendelssohn’sWedding March or the one from Wagner’s Lohengrin followed byRelax
EarnestK-1 Lady Bracknell Buckram wig, Valkirie hat,Plastic Cape,Big white dress,Silver petticoat,Bustle,corset,parasol, stockings,bloomers,white shoes, white gloves.White stockings,Handbag,bouquet Large guyDifficult MovementCannot overheat easily
EarnestK-2 Jack 2 White shirt w, plastic collar, violet-black tie,Black check vest,Black pants,Black shoes,Black socks,Violet gloves,Sheer black tailcoat,Black lace top hat Medium-Big guyDifficult Movement
EarnestK-3 gwen3 earnest8 Gwendolyn 2 Plastic hat, buckram wig,Plastic overlay,White dress,Petticoat,Bustle,Corset,Bloomers,White stockings,Parasol,Boa,White shoes,White gloves,Handbag,bouquet Jessica SullivanFITTEDDifficult MovementCannot overheat easily
EarnestK-4 Jack 1 White shirt w, plastic collar,White lace vest, violet tie,Watch,White trousers,White shoes,White gloves,Clear plastic tailcoat,Clear plastic top hat Medium-Big guyDifficult MovementCannot overheat easily
EarnestK-5 Cecily Lace hat,White wig,Ecru dress,White gloves,Ecru parasol,Petticoat,Bloomers,Stockings,Shoes, bouquet Small girlDifficult MovementCannot overheat easily
EarnestK-6 Algy 2 White shirt w, plastic collar,White lace vest,Pearl jacket,Pink tie,Watch,Clear boater,White pants,White shoes,White socks, white gloves Medium guy w. shaved headEasy MovementCannot overheat easily
Threepenny OperaK-9 25560_25Polly Wedding Dress Lace DressVisible underwearStockingsHatBoa and/or jewelryShoes with leg laces Medium-short Guy or woman
K-10 Body Painted Tux on Christina Welsh Painted by Bo Anderson Christina Welch
LysistrataK-7 Dick Penis costume,Foreskin headdress,Pink shoes,Pink socks,Top hat? Bo AndersonFITTED
LysistrataK-8 janeJane Vagina costume,Clitoris hat,Pink hose,Pink tap shoes, bridal veil, bouquet Margaret BonnellFITTED


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