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Faces Paintings | History of Fashion Design

Faces Paintings

I’m not much of a painter. I paint mainly for practice in costume painting, and to get ideas for makeup. Some, like The Cabaret, are conceptual pieces to help me to get started in designing a Cabaret 1994ce show. Others, like St.Petersburg 1993, are mainly therapy. Still, it’s good to paint. Any art work you do in any medium helps you to get better in your main emphasis as well.

magicpainting Watercolor & ink: Magic, 1997
92870_04 The Cabaret, 1994, acrylic


92870_05 Faces: Woman in Violet, 1994, acrylic

92870_08 Faces: Man in Red, 1994, acrylic

92870_11 Faces: Man in Green, 1994, acrylic

92870_06 Faces: Andrei, 1994, acrylic

92870_07 Faces:Urquhart, 1994, acrylic

92870_10 Faces: Autoportrait, 1994, acrylic


92870_15 18th Century Man, 1990, acrylic

92870_09 Curves, 1990, acrylic

92870_14 St.Petersburg 1993, 1994, collage and acrylic on canvas

Mvc-002f Mvc-003fBen Thompson as Lady Bracknell, 2001

Mvc-004f Lady Bracknell (above), and Heather Maas as Gwendolyn Fairfax, 1991

ad2 ad1  ads for my classes

92870_16 Fan Leaf:The Beggar’s Opera, To Lorraine Pettit, 1982, gouache on paper, attached to fan sticks of painted bamboo.

MVC-016F MVC-017F Lenin for the makeup room.

cat Shoelace for the Makeup Room

drag1 “Drag” bombshell for the Makeup Room

georgspelvin1 georgspelvin2 George Spelvin in The Actor’s Nightmare

makeuproom The Makeup Room where most of my paintings live.

kabuki1 kabuki2 Kabuki Hero for the Makeup Room

MVC-023F MVC-024F MVC-021F MVC-022F

PICT0026 PICT0027 MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA tuffed Dimetredon

PICT0026a Cat painted on the lid of a tiny box More Cat Drawings

PICT0085 PICT0086 Picture004 Picture005 Some Quick posters for advertising lectures & classes


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