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Fabric from my basement and donated stock fabric | History of Fashion Design

Fabric from my basement and donated stock fabric

Stock  Fabric and Fabric from my basement I hoped to incorporate into the show:  I was working on designing and making this show for less money than it would take to rent a very low grade version of the show.  This is not due to my evil Dept. Chair (I WAS the Dept. Chair) but due to the reality of our total show budgets for the year all having to be generated from ticket sales in our small town market.  Being without the usual subsidized budget of many universities, we often shift our designs to avant garde themes that make the costumes/sets cheaper, but Liaisons, we all agree needs to look very “real” and very rich…but on the smallest budget possible.  So I raided every part of my basement, the UAF stock, Value Village, etc. to find existing textiles that might be used to make this rich look for less money.  I took lots of thoseFabrics one buys with the idea “I’ll make something for me later” and never actually sews, and sacrificed them to the Liaisons gods. I also hoarded decorative vests in stock for years by buying them whenever they were cheap at thrift stores.  The reason I took photos of all this stuff was #1, to be able to view them at home while I was drawing my renderings and so plan things better, and #2 to show these fabrics and costumes in their unmodified form so viewers can compare them in before and after states.  I’ve left up images of the textiles I gathered even when in many cases they weren’t used, so you can see how the whole process of pulling and selecting worked out.

Emelie’s under skirt:

Mvc-013f Mvc-014f Mvc-016f MVC-022F (1)

MVC-017F MVC-015F

Tourvel’s quilted skirt:

Mvc-010f Mvc-021f Mvc-022f MVC-020F

MVC-022F (2) Mvc-017f (1) MVC-011F

Became the tablecloth

Mvc-001f Mvc-003f Mvc-004f Mvc-002f

Became Tablecloth for lobby reception

Mvc-007f Mvc-008f Mvc-009f

MVC-006F MVC-005F

Emelie’s dress

MVC-010F (1) MVC-011F (1) MVC-012F

MVC-022F (1) MVC-013F (1) MVC-019F

Base for gold lace to be made into Merteuil’s elbow- ruffles

MVC-014F (1) Mvc-010f (2)

MVC-017F (2) MVC-013F (2)

Became background drapery for the advertising display case in the lobby Volanges’ dress

Mvc-015f (1) Mvc-016f (1) Mvc-017f (3) Mvc-018f

MVC-018F (1) Mvc-020f (1) Mvc-001f (1) Mvc-003f (1)

Mvc-002f (1) Mvc-007f (1) Mvc-008f (1)

Mvc-019f (1) Mvc-021f (1)

Merteuil’s underskirt:

Mvc-002f (2) Mvc-024f Mvc-008f (2)

MVC-027F MVC-001F (2)

Rosamonde’s dress, AND Valmont’s banyan

Mvc-003f (2) Mvc-004f (1) Mvc-005f (1) Mvc-007f (3)

MVC-006F (1) MVC-008F (3) MVC-007F (2)

MVC-007F (4) MVC-017F (4)

Used in display case  Cecile’s dress (overdyed a deeper lilac)

Mvc-013f (3) Mvc-004f (2) Mvc-005f (2)

Mvc-010f (3) Mvc-008f (4) Mvc-009f (1)
Rosamonde’s Dressing gown:

MVC-019F (2) Mvc-018f (2) Mvc-011f (2) Mvc-007f (5) Mvc-014f (2)

Mvc-012f (1) Mvc-013f (4) Mvc-015f (2) Mvc-016f (2)

Mvc-017f (5) Mvc-018f (3) Mvc-019f (3) Mvc-020f (2)

Mvc-021f (2) MVC-006F (2)
Volanges’ under skirt:

Mvc-022f (4) MVC-003F (3) MVC-004F (3)

MVC-005F (3) MVC-006F (3) MVC-007F (6)

MVC-008F (5) Mvc-009f (2) MVC-021F (3)

MVC-007F (7) Mvc-010f (4) Mvc-013f (5)

Mvc-011f (3) Mvc-018f (4) Mvc-020f (3)

Fabric I have bought for the show from the Sari Places in Berkeley, CA:

Mvc-001f (3) MVC-017F (6) MVC-019F (4)

MVC-021F (4) MVC-024F (1)

Valmont’s first coat  and the matching velvet for Merteuil’s jacket  were from Fashions from India. I also bought two shades of blue shot silk tissue for Tourvel’s Dress and Danceny’s Banyan  at The Sari Palace in Berkeley.


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