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Drood photos-2 | History of Fashion Design

Drood photos-2

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Photo page 2

92875_04 Rosa and Jasper

92875_05 Helena Landless

92875_09 The Chorus

92875_06 “England Reigns”

92875_07 Deputy and Princess Puffer

The Chairman, The Stage Manager, Bazzard, and the Reverend Chrisparkle. Photo by Kade Mendelowitz.

The Ladies chorus of the Music Hall Royale, photo by Kade Mendelowitz.

Rosa Bud, John Jasper, Neville and Helena Landless, photo by Kade Mendelowitz..

92875_12 Members of the UAF Juggling Club: Alaska Gravity Works as the Men’s chorus/Jugglers of the Music Hall Royale, photo by Kade Mendelowitz.

92875_13 The Moonfall ensemble, photo by Kade Mendelowitz.

92875_14 Miss Alice Nutting.


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