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Dress of Notable Men of the 1870ce from Vanity Fair | History of Fashion Design

Dress of Notable Men of the 1870ce from Vanity Fair

Images kindly provided by ACarter of eBay, seller of Antique prints and Magazines

1871aldermanluskmp Alderman Lusk 1871

1871chevalercharlescordona Chevalier Charles Cordona, 1871

1871georgewardhunt George Ward Hunt, 1871

1871johnlockemp John Lockemp, 1871

1871marquis Marquis of ?, 1871

1871mp An MP, 1871

1871mpmiall MP Miall, 1871

1871rthonwmmontsell The Rt. Hon. William Montsell, 1871

1871sirfrancisgrant Sir Francis Grant, 1871

1871wmhenrygregorymp MP William Henry Gregory, 1871

1971pasha Pasha, 1871

duckofsadanha1871 The Duke of Sadanha, 1871

1875exfatherofthehouse “The ex-Father of the House”, 1875

1876germanambassador The German Ambassador, 1876

1876mouldy “Mouldy”, 1876


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