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Day 8: The Theatre Museum,1999 UK/Paris Costume Tour Pictures | History of Fashion Design

Day 8: The Theatre Museum,1999 UK/Paris Costume Tour Pictures


Go to Covent Garden,the setting for the opening of Shaw’s Pygmalion and My Fair Lady and go to see the Theatre Museum, London’s newest major museum. Wander on your own for lunch in Eliza Doolittle’s former vegetable market, now an upscale shopping left for Sloan Rangers and tourists.One of the most famous theatre bookstores is in the area. After lunch, we can walk to The National Portrait Gallery,just off of Trafalgar Square. If you are still capable of walking, Tara will drag you through The National Gallery.Less sturdy souls will entertain themselves feeding pigeons beneath Nelson’s Column or just zip back to the hotel before dinner.

Evening at the Coliseum seeing La Bayadere with the Bolshoi Ballet: “The Bolshoi Ballet, the internationally acclaimed Russian company, opens its first London season for ten years with La Bayadere, the story of Nikiya, a temple dancer who is adored by Solor, already pledged to the Rajah’s daughter.”

On At The Theatre Museum:
“Folkbeard – Architects of Fantasy This is no ordinary exhibition, but an experience like no other – an insight into the workings of one of Europe’s most innovative comic art/theatre and film companies. The exhibition serves as an intriguing retrospective of the last 25 years of Forkbeard as well as highlighting how Forkbeard’s work stems from a tradition of vibrant experimental performance that emerged dusing the 60s/70s. Forkbeard specialise in a theatre of animation, a theatre combining cartoon, film, magically automated sets, mechanical characters, and extraordinary large scale puppets and creatures. With the aid of an onsite animator, visitors will be able to operate pulleys, handles, switches, film loops and peep shows, and become involved in an exhibition which is also an ever changing living art work.”

The Folkbeard Exhibit:

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Mvc-008fa Mvc-009f13 Mvc-009fa Mvc-009fz2

Two 18th century Italian Theatre Costumes.  The one on the right is a late “Habit a’la Romaine”

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Mvc-011f12 Mvc-011fa Mvc-011fz2

Apron reportedly worn by the First Polly Peachum in The Beggar’s Opera, Early 18th Century.


Painting of Arrlechina, 18th Century, Mme. Vestris’ Stage Jewelry 1820’s & 30’s.  Mme. Vestris was a notable Actor-manager of the early 19th Century, mainly famous now as the inventor of the “box” set.

Mvc-012fa1 Mvc-012fz1 Mvc-013f12 Mvc-013fa1

Mvc-014f11 Mvc-014fa Mvc-013fz1

Sculptures and shoe of Marie Taglioni, the first ballerina to rise onto Pointe in the 1830’s & 40’s. Her shoes are scarcely stiffened, and Tagloni would rise only for a moment into this position.  Later dancers stiffened their shoes further, and large sections of later ballets are done on Pointe. Talioni was best known for playing the title role in La Sylphede.

Mvc-015f11 Mvc-015fa Mvc-014fz3

Burlesque Costumes of the late 19th Century.  The Red costume is for a “Principal Boy”, ie, a woman playing the role of a boy.

Mvc-016f12 Mvc-016fz3 Mvc-016fa

Costume designs for the original productions of Gilbert and Sullivan Operas: The Mikado, Col. Fairfax(?) in The Yeoman of the Guard, Tessa in The Gondoliers, and Rose Maybud(?) in Ruddigore, 1880’s

Mvc-017f12 Mvc-017fa Mvc-017fz3 Mvc-018f13

Music Hall Costumes, late 19th Century,

Mvc-018fz Mvc-018fa1

Costumes Designed by Leon Bakst for the Ballets Russes prodution of The Firebird

Mvc-019fz2 Mvc-020f11 Mvc-019f10

Mvc-020fa2 Mvc-021f11

Other Ballets Russes costumes

Mvc-022f12 Mvc-022fa2 Mvc-023f9 Mvc-021fa1

Model of a turn of the century stage set and theatre

Costume for Phillis in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanthe, as re-designed by George Sheringham in the 1920’s

Mvc-023fa2 Mvc-024f7

Replica of an Actor’s dressing room of the 1910’s, with makeup kit of the time.

Mvc-024fa1 Mvc-025f6

Costume worn by Ian Richardson as Vendice in the 1966 Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of The Revenger’s Tragedy, Designed by Christopher Morley, and Directed by Trevor Nunn. The doublet has interesting fabric painting.

Mvc-025fa1 Mvc-026f8 Mvc-026fa1

Scenic model for the 1968 (?) RSC production of The Persecution and Assassination of Jean Paul Marat as performed by the Inmates of the Asylum at Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade (better known as Backstage for Marat/Sade UAF 1989) also seen in the wonderful 1969 film of the same.


Scenic model of the stage setting for the National Theatre’s 1989 production of Priestly’s An Inspector Calls

Mvc-029f4 Mvc-030f4


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