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Costumes for Woyzeck (1991) | History of Fashion Design

Costumes for Woyzeck (1991)

woyzeck4 The Drum Major (Sven Holmberg) Tries to Impress Marie (?)

beggars Alex Beaudrault as the Dead Soldier, ? as the Gypsy, and ? as the Old Woman

knifeseller Matthew Camera as the Jewish Knife-seller

littlegirlLittle Girl

marieas Marie

woyzeck1 Rendering for the Charlatan

PICT0047 PICT0049One very big (3″x4″) rendering I did using cut and paste bits of Breugel paintings, to give an idea of the whole show all at once:

PICT0050 PICT0051 PICT0052

PICT0053 PICT0054 PICT0055

PICT0056 PICT0057 PICT0058 Details from the Big rendering

oldwoman as the Old Woman

soldiers woyzeck1aas the Sergeant, Sven Holmberg as the Drum Major and Dave Fields as Andres.

drunks and ? as the Drunks.

09703_19 Dave Brenner in his costume as Woyzeck.

woyzeck3 Woyzeck (Dave Brenner) with Marie dead in his arms

woyzeck5 The Captain (Brian Bennett) and the Doctor (Daniel Kleinfeld) harass Woyzeck (Dave Brenner)

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