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Costume Designs Show | History of Fashion Design

Costume Designs Show

2009_1029DVC0344 Viking Mascot Costume for Diablo Valley College Sports Events, 2009

court A Midsummer Night’s Dream at DVC Drama, 2009

clash01 551 Clash and Celebration of American Cultures, DVC Drama, 2008

postcardweb2D Costumes, a Gallery Show of Costume Renderings, 2005

logo The Importance of Being Earnest Theatre UAF, 2000

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA 4 Farces & A Funeral Chekhov one acts, Theatre UAF, 2005

merteuil1 Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Theatre UAF 2002

kate1_small The Taming of the Shrew, Theatre UAF, 2004

color_posterweb Wearable Art Fashion Show at Theatre UAF 2004

drinkwarekartasi Kartasi at Theatre UAF 2003

lysis Lysistrata at Theatre UAF 2002

mikadoThe Mikado at Theatre UAF 1999ce

diagram Much Ado About Nothing UAF 1991

gypsyandfoolThe Grand Tarot UAF Student Drama Association, 1997c

elvira2Don Juan at Theater UAF 2003ce

bacchae The Bacchae UAF (1997)

illiriapostTwelfth Night at Theatre UAF, 2000ce

threpen10The Threepenny Opera UAF 1997

errors2 The Comedy of Errors UAF 1995

columbiaYahoo Nation Theatre UAF 2001

alices Alice in Wonderland at Theatre UAF 2001

papaga The Magic Flute Theatre UAF 1998

Mvc-022fMud, Theatre UAF 2001

bear The Bear at Theatre UAF 2004

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Water Stealers, Theatre UAF interactive DVD project, 2004

christine Miss Julie at Theatre UAF, 2000

candyandholly We Are Three Queens for KlonDykes, Queens & Co., 1999

mrsx The Stronger at Theatre UAF, 2000

ghost Hamlet Dreams, Theatre UAF 2001

Touch, Theatre UAF 2002ce

MVC-024F The Successful Life of 3, Theatre UAF 2001

MVC-017F_smallAlice in Wonderland at Theatre UAF 1999 (with Stephanie Stowman)

MVC-016F The Three Sisters at Theatre UAF 1999

georgea Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Theater  (1997)

julian Pffluft: The Little Ghost, Theatre Parijh, St. Petersburg, Russia 1997

cabaret7 Cabaret UAF (1994)

nina2The Seagull, State Theatre Institute Interstudio, St. Petersburg. (1994)

bellclos The Bell That Rang For Itself Theatre Parijh, St.Petersburg (1995)

gypsy23 Gypsy Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre (1995)

  1897-002The Possessed at Theatre UAF 2003ce

proposal1 The Marriage Proposal, Georgia Resident Acting Company, Athens (1986)

forms2 Forms of Heaven, PDT-1985ce

92910_18Of Mice And Men UAF (1989)

rosalind As You Like It UAF-1988ce

reckless Rckless UAF (1996)

fireflophoto1 Out of Darkness, Theatre Terra Mobile, St.Petersburg, (1995)

guys19 Guys & Dolls Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre-1995ce

drood6 The Mystery of Edwin Drood UAF 1996ce

grease9 Grease UAF – 1992ce

jesuslog Jesus Christ Superstar UAF -1993ce

xmasrend A Russian Christmas Tale UAF-1990ce

woyzeck4 Woyzeck UAF (1991)

92877_17 Marat/Sade UAF – 1989

The Glass Menagerie UAF – 1995ce

The Island UAF – 1996ce

Opera Workshop Productions UAF

ubu1 Misc. Other Shows at UAF

forms1ftt Other Non-UAF Shows Page 91


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