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Costume Build Photos (Needlework, sewing & hats) | History of Fashion Design

Costume Build Photos (Needlework, sewing & hats)

Sewing, Needlework and Hats

Mvc-006f (2)

Lorraine drafts the patterns based on books showing patterns taken from 1780’s garments.


Erin sews a stuffed “rump” for one of the ladies.  Stuffed rumps replaced “pannier” hoops during the 1780’s.
MVC-001F MVC-002F

Carrie (Tourvel) models the custom-made corset, petticoat and rump all the women in Liaisons will wear under their outer costumes.


her costume at rehearsal 
cane zorro1

We just bought this cane for Rosamonde and the Swords for Danceny & Valmont at a very low price from www.popularlink.com.

kade 017
Making gold lace:


1/8″ gold mesh fabric

Mvc-005f (1)

gold Mylar Xmas tinsel

Mvc-003f (1)

The net is taped to a paper pattern of the design and then Mylar is stitched with big stitches through the net, making an oversize gold lace pattern that “reads” onstage.
Mvc-007f Mvc-010f

The extra net is clipped away from the bottom edge, making a gold “lace” elbow ruffle.
MVC-015F MVC-016F

The ruffle on the completed sleeve.


Mvc-008f MVC-009F1

Straw and Mylar hat for Mme. Rosamonde

MVC-007F (1)

Valmont’s vest is made from an Indian skirt from Value Village.  Lorraine cuts the vest of muslin, then applies sections of the embroidered pattern to the muslin so that it looks like it was embroidered in a single piece.

Mvc-015f (1) Mvc-016f (1)

Mvc-017f (1) Mvc-018f

Mvc-019f (1) Mvc-020f

Mvc-023f Mvc-003

Photocall picture for Poster

kade 023

dress rehearsal
Mvc-006f Mvc-007f (2)

Lorraine drafts changes to a coat pattern for Valmont.
MVC-019F (2)  MVC-023F (1)


The completed coat made of black satin with bits of a polyester embroidered caftan sewn on as trim.
MVC-018F (1) MVC-018F (2)

MVC-017F (2)

Cecile’s dress made of a recycled dyed wedding gown, and stretch Panne velvet.
Lorraine hand-quilts a pattern for Tourvel’s Petticoat:

MVC-010F (1) MVC-014F

MVC-011F MVC-013F

MVC-018F (4) MVC-012F

MVC-022F (1) MVC-021F

The top 6″ of the skirt has no quilt batting between the layers so that there will not be too much bulk at the waist.

MVC-005F (2)

The waistband has the skirt cartridge pleated to the sides and back (flat in front) to deal with the bulk of the fabric (two layers of muslin & one of silk, folded over).

MVC-022F (2)

MVC-009Ft MVC-010F (2)

MVC-018F (5)

Making Emilie’s hat.

Valmont’s coat is made of a sari.

MVC-013F (1)

The edge is cut off from the sari, the coat made from the middle pieces, and then the edge is  reapplied in a curve with small tucks on the inside edge to make the pattern flow as if it were embroidered in a curve.

MVC-015F (2)

Edge pieces are also used to make the collar, cuffs and pocket flaps.

coat1 coat2

coat3 coat4

IMG03 MVC-017F (3)

To be continued…


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