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Class Projects List The good stuff | History of Fashion Design

Class Projects List The good stuff

These pages were originally designed for an online version of a Costume Design and Construction Class at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  Since I have left UAF and this class is no longer offered, I am leaving these class materials up online for other teachers to use, link to, or print out for their own classes.

 Costume Design & Construction I  Projects

The format of this course allows you to choose assignments from a series of categories (see below) to develop skills in the two main  areas of this class: Costume Design and Costume Construction.  Because many online learners come to my classes with extensive experience in some areas, and gaps in other areas, this smorgasbord is designed so that a student may skip over areas that he/she already knows about, and can concentrate on developing new skills. How this works is that every assignment is “worth” a certain number of “credits” in either Design or Construction or both, depending on the nature of the assignment and it’s difficulty.  As a student you are required to finish assignments adding up to 50 “credits” in each of the two subject categories, with a total of 100 credits overall.  Within those guidelines the work is judged on quality to determine your final semester grade.  With that as your basic guide you can choose the assignments that will best fill your learning needs, and best patch up those gaps.  The amounts of credits available with each project is listed next to the project.Assignment credits are shown with the following codes:

  • 5D = 5 Design Credits
  • 8C = 8 Construction Credits
  • 2D+8C = 2 Design and 8 Construction Credits

Design Analysis & Renderings

Suit Conversions


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