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Cats in St. Petersburg: Photos | History of Fashion Design

Cats in St. Petersburg: Photos

Cats In St. Petersburg

Page 1: Cats at The Catherine Palace

gb466 This pregnant semi-feral cat is kept by the guard and ticket ladies in the Cameron (Costume) Gallery at the Catherine Palace in Tsarkoe Selo (formerly Pushkin) a suburb of St. Petersburg. (click for larger image)

gb420 One of the semi-feral cats living in the bolt-holes beneath the Catherine Palace in Tsarkoe Selo.

gb452 Another Palace Cat (click for larger image) checks out some noise made by a group of kittens.

gb456 Kittens stray from their bolt-hole while their mother is away, causing extreme consternation among the other adults in the colony, and amusement to the tourists.

gb458 Mother returns, on the rampage, chasing her kittens back inside their safe-hole, and hissing at tourists who strayed too close to her brood. (click for larger image)

gb470 Mother and kittens, back in their home, napping. (click for larger image).



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