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Cameron Galleries

“Everyday Life Costumes and Articles of Russia from the End of the 18th to the Beginning of the 20th Centuries, Court Costumes, Civil Costumes, Court Servant’s Costumes and the Costumes of the [military] Schools”
Exhibit in the Cameron Gallery at the Catherine Palace & Park in Tsarkoe Selo, Russia

cameronposter 01cameronexterior2 01cameronexterior1 Exterior of the Gallery

cameron13 Paramilitary gown and cape worn by Catherine II in the second half of the 18th Century.

cameron5 Tiny military uniforms worn by young members of the royal family and by students in the military schools of the 19th and early 20th centuries

cameron8 cameron30 19th and early 20th century servant’s liveries for members of the Imperial household staff.  Note the Romanov eagles woven into the braid on these uniforms

cameron14 cameron6 Turn of the Century to 1917 uniforms for the Imperial bodyguards. The uniform at left is for the multitudinous Russian guards, and is in a 17th Century Russian Revival style, the uniform at right is for the six “African” guards who were the immediate guards for the royal family.  The framed photo at the bottom of the case shows the American boxer who became the favorite of these guards.

cameron20 19th or early 20th century government minister’s court full dress uniform.

cameron25 Embroidered sample of the kind of metal embroidery used on court uniforms for ladies in waiting.

cameron2 cameron4 Two different levels of   “Russian” style court dress uniforms for different ranking ladies in waiting, late 19th Century.

cameron12 cameron11 cameron9 cameron10 Early 20th Century “Russian” style Court Dress for a Grand Duchess (daughter of Nicholas II).

cameron21 cameron31mediumsize White silk suit with silver embroidery worn by the future Alexander I to his wedding c.1790.

cameron28 cameron29 Two European style full court dress suits of  patterned velvet with colored silk embroidery c.1780-1800.

cameron15 Priest’s robe, 19th or early 20th centuries.

cameron32 Russian Revival “Pre-Westernized” house robe worn by an Grand Duke (brother to the Tsar).

cameron22 1870’s (?) maroon silk dress for everyday wear of a wealthy woman.

cameron24 cameron23 Late 1890’s dress.

cameron1 Early 1900’s dress.

cameron27 Foreground, cotton dress c. 1903, Background two dresses c. 1915-1920

cameron26 cameron7  The above two dresses c. 1915-1920

cameron18 Fan c.1775

cameron3 Russian extra-small seedbead embroidered purse, c. 1850.

cameron16 Parasol, 1850-1875, ladies shoes 1870-90

cameron17 Lace fan of the 1890’s.


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