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Cabaret 1994ce Show | History of Fashion Design

Cabaret 1994ce Show

Costumes Design

cabaret1 cabaret2 cabaret3 cabaretchorus

cabaret9 cabaret8 cabaret4 cabaret7z

3podress 3POdress10 3POdress11 cabaretguys

3POdress12 3POdress13 3POdress8 3POdress9

3pohat research1 research2 Color swatches for the Kit Kat Klub scenes were chosen to match a painting by The Threepenny Opera 1997ce (Otto Dix) (Click thumbnails to see larger images).

These acrylic paintings I did while working on the show in order to visualize how the costumes should look:

PICT0046 92870_04 cabaret7 MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Sarah A.D. Hartley as Inga

cabgirl Ilena Lee as Ilsa (photo by Kade Mendelowitz)

The Chorus dances the “Telephone Song”

telephone1 telephone2 telephone3 Kit ? as Sally, and Brett Good as Cliff

92875_22 92875_21 Robert Kenoi Boyer as the M.C.

92875_23 The Kit Kat Girls


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