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B&W drawings of Women,s & Children,s Fashionable Costume, 1678-1725 | History of Fashion Design

B&W drawings of Women,s & Children,s Fashionable Costume, 1678-1725


Patterns and Pictures from Maurice Leloir’s Histoire du Costume, Volume 10, 1678-1725

B;W drawings (& diagrams) of Women’s & Children’s Fashionable Costume

42_skirtSkirt Diagram


  44_1708Ruffled gowns of 1708

  45_1685-88Mourning dresses, 1688 & 1685

  46_1694Princess de Conte in a “city dress”, and the Duchesse de Bourbon in a court dress at a salon in 1694.

  47_1693-98Madame (wife of the King’s brother) in 1693, and Princess Palatine in 1698 in full  formal hunting dress.

  48_1692Full hunting dress and mask (in hand), 1692.

  49_1692Boned bodice/stays worn over a fancy shift and decorated petticoat, 1692

  50_1697Lady putting on stays over a lace trimmed shift, 1697.

  51_staysDiagram of a boned bodice/stays.

  52_1715staysPattern of a c.1715 pair of stays

  53_1694-98Decorated bodices, 1694-1698.

  55_1692-1700Decorated skirts of court dresses, 1692-1700: The Duchesse de Chartres, Duchesse de Ventadour,  Princess de Conti.


Back of a Saque Dress, 1718, and a Mantua, 1724.

  57_1787-9A striped mantua of 1687

57_saques  Three gowns showing the difference between Saque and Mantua styles.

  58_watteauA saque from a painting by Watteau

  59_1724A maid puts on a lady’s gown over a set of stays, 1724

  60_1719-20Hoopskirts, 1719-1720

  61_1696-97At home dress for ladies, 1696-97

  62_1692At home dress for the morning worn over a boned bodice, 1692

  63_1697Mantles, 1697

  64_1694-95Steinkerque cravat 1695 and fur tippet 1694 worn in similar styles.

  65_1688Fur collar of 1688


  67_womensshoesWomen’s Shoes 1678-1725

  68_1694Skating in winter, 1694

  69_1693Maid of honor (of the court) dressing her hair from a fashion plate by Arnoult, 1693

  70_1693-94Hairdressing, 1693-94

  71_1683-94Hair dresses 1683-94

  72_1687-90Headdresses 1687-90

  73_1681-95Court dresses, 1681-1695

  74_1705-10Hair dresses of 1705-1710

  75_1717-19Hair dresses of 1717-19

  77_1693-97Mme de Maintenon 1697, Mlle. d’Auvergne 1693

  78_1694Peignoir, 1694

  79_1699-1712Headdresses for aristocratic children 1699-1712

  80_1698-1700James Stuart and his sister 1698, the daughter of Coypel, 1700

  81_girlsLittle girls painted by Watteau, note the leading strings.


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