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Books on Masks and Makeup | History of Fashion Design

Books on Masks and Makeup

makeupartist Make-up Artist Magazine [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]

41T8BNKX1VL Topolino: Make-Up Games

51VxzqB85iL Special Effects Make-Up

418XE0H7NZL X-Ray

41RNYHB3KWL Kevyn Aucoin: A Beautiful Life

51gC-k6ibzL Make Up

514L53ct4yL Complete Make-Up Artist : Working in Film, Fashion, Television and Theatre

5107XCAV7XL Masking and Madness: Mardi Gras in New Orleans

maskmakershandbook Mask Makers Handbook

51GBQ8CAWNL The Face Is a Canvas : The Design and Technique of Theatrical Makeup by Irene Corey

5121X0MB37L Mask of Reality : An Approach to Design for Theatre by Irene Corey

51CHv9MU-OL Special Make-Up Effects

51TB99F362L DVD: The Human Face (2001)(not on makeup, but a TV show on facial perception)

51h9Tb6AA1L Over the Top: Helena Rubinstein Extraordinary Style Beauty Art Fashion Design

51Q0W5MYFXL Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts

2198A9QWRQL Art of Special Effects Makeup Vol. 1 VHS

21KAB8H43KL Art of Special Effects Makeup Vol. 2 VHS

2143JMJQ7SL Art of Special Effects Makeup Vol. 3 VHS

latoilette La Toilette: A Collection of Vintage Bath and Beauty Recipes

wigsandmakeup Wigs and Make-Up for Theatre, Television and Film

51PCMAQY6ML Theatrical FX Makeup

51SA1BWX2GL Period Make-Up for the Stage: Step-By-Step

51+A8PQDx7L Stage Makeup : The Actor’s Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Today’s Techniques and Materials

51BT8CRA0TL Face Painting : African-American Beauty Techniques from an Emmy Award-Winning Makeup Artist

71K1DFWB0GL Stage Makeup by Richard Corson

5110G-oY9HL The Prop Builder’s Molding & Casting Handbook

51AcNzHWzML The Prop Builder’s Mask-Making Handbook

61Z8EFFTB2L Mask Making: Get Started in a New Craft with Easy-To-Follow Projects for Beginners

71XZ8CT4ATL MASKS: Faces of Culture

51BXS48DM3L The Complete Make-Up Artist : Working in Film, Television and Theatre

51J5VHWREXL Art and Science of Professional Makeup (Cat. No. 7220)

51G-DIaP4YL Men, Makeup, and Monsters : Hollywood’s Masters of Illusion and Fx

7155SDXPBDL The Face : A Natural History

5139W69Z84L Body Decoration : A World Survey of Body Art

512Y950QN4L The Art of Mehndi

51Xcphv8w-L Body Bizarre Body Beautiful

71IAjiUzXlL Pagan Fleshworks: The Alchemy of Body Modification

51odEXL9MFL The Body Art Book : A Complete, Illustrated Guide to Tattoos, Piercings, and Other Body Modifications

518RP388N9L Maskwork

41KBzH7+7PL Maskmaking

514EQZX4MCL Cajun Mardi Gras Masks (Folk Art and Artists Series)

51HBCM70DHL Mardi Gras : A Pictorial History of Carnival in New Orleans

519D361ARFL Masks of Mexico : Tigers, Devils, and the Dance of Life

51WYEGZZ97L Making Faces, Playing God: Identity and the Art of Transformational Makeup

51Q2DHE9P8L Face Forward

818nudnY+BL Making Faces

41AAF37S74L Pamela Taylor’s Professional Makeup Course

51NWNR2YVTL Hollywood Makeup Magic: Corrective Beauty Techniques, Vol.I

51tlF3GJayL The Technique of the Professional Make-Up Artist

5171J8RQN5LVideo: Looking Your Best With Michael Westmore

410AT6BQJGL The Make Up Workshop (Videotape)

515TMHYYQ4L Basic How to Halloween Makeups 1 & 2

515A73E2K6L Basic How to Halloween Makeups Vol. 1

partymakeup The Party Make-Up

51WG9P5689L The Hair, Makeup & Styling Career Guide

518WKCA43QL Laura Mercier Presents “The Flawless Face” VHS

41YPM5G5CNL Facial Magic VHS

517V4TW47FL Salon Looks VHS

512eLW0nuxL In the Eye of the Beholder : The Science of Face Perception

41b0NWwRz0L Reading Faces : Window to the Soul? (New Directions in Social Psychology)

51OwyVVYvfL Face Painting Book/Book and Paints

51Y47YPT8JL Disney’s Face-Painting & Costume Kit

517Y591YH6L Snazaroo Zoo : Great Faces and Easy Costumes to Bring Out the Animal in You

51qP+1KgiPL Face Painting (Kids Can Do It)

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