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Adapting the Omni Garment for A Mid Summer Night,s Dream at the Hole In The Wall Theatre | History of Fashion Design

Adapting the Omni Garment for A Mid Summer Night,s Dream at the Hole In The Wall Theatre

“This is probably a long-overdue email. In the spring of 2001, my husband directed “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at a local community theater, and I volunteered to design costumes, even though I’d never done that before. He wanted a stylized traditional Ancient Greek look for the costumes, and he wanted them to be colorful. He also wanted the lovers costumes to look progressively more disheveled as they wandered in the woods. He also thought it might be nice if the young women changed for the wedding. The blocking included lots of fights and physical comedy, so I wanted to make sure everyone was properly covered up. I worried about how I could accomplish costume changes quickly and easily until I found the omnigarment on your web page. I came up with four
basic color schemes: jewel tones for the royals, bright colors for fairies, muddy earth tones for rude mechanicals and black for Titania and Oberon.

Every character received two omnigarments and were allowed to wear them any way they wanted. In the case of the fairies, we put the garments on them (over sports bras and bike shorts, usually) and then cut the garments to achieve the look
they desired and pinned on tulle for an etherial effect. You can see a few of the costumes at www.hitw.org  in the “gallery” section. We won a state theater festival for the production and received an award for costume design.

I should note that many of the actors were skeptical about these costumes until they got them. All of the actors loved the look and enjoyed playing with the costumes.

Thanks for sharing this great idea with the world.”

–Denise Clapsaddle


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