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About Us

Dhruv was a costume designer in the Theatre Department between 1990-2007. He now is living in the Bay Area, where he is care giving for a family member and is also a part time costume design specialist. However, he is best known for his creation of The HIstory of Fashion Design, one of the World Wide Web’s largest, and most eclectic, costume sites.

He has written numerous articles for Design and Technology. Dhruv also was the computer columnist for his college Journal. He has published articles in this website, Theatre Crafts and the magazines.

He is available for conference presentations and workshops. He has given workshops at various locations on items as varied as Putting your Costume Program Online, Native Dress, Faculty Web Page Design, Putting Design into the Hands of the Actor and Multimedia in Theatre Education. He has experience in authoring online classes, and teaching using the web and other computer applications.

He enjoys dumpster diving in the summer months to find home decorating materials.


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