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20th Century Western Costume 1930 -1940 | History of Fashion Design

20th Century Western Costume 1930 -1940

c.1930 hats. Images kindly provided by ACarter of eBay, seller of Antique prints and Magazines

c1930hats c1930hats2 c1930hats3

1930leyen 1930fashserv1930-31

1930arrow 1930


Dorothy Knapp, c. 1930 Burlesque Dancer.  Image kindly provided by ACarter of eBay, seller of Antique prints and Magazines


1930needlecraft Needlecraft, 1930

1930joancrawford Joan Crawford in 1930

1931wards1 From Montgomery Ward’s Catalog 1931

1931pictrevw 1931

deldec32 1932

1931group George Raft, Marlene Dietrich, 1931

lepetit1932 lepetit1932b 1932jeanharlow 1932jeanharlow2 Jean Harlow 1932

deloct33    The Delineator 1933

1933a 1933b

1933french1 1933french2 1933bellashess

1933french5 1933voguejune15 1933vogueoct15

1933french4 1933paris2 1933french3 1933

jardin1934 jardin1934b 1934mccalls 1934

1933paris1 1933paris2 1933french3

1933paris4 1933french1

French Fashions of 1933

womworld1934 1935wards1 1935vogue

c1935patternnystyles191 1935marlenedietrich Marlene Dietrich in  “A wrap of cream-colored velvet, lavish with red-fox furs..” by Travis Banton, 1935

butt1936b butt1936 newyorkw19361936

44477_05 44477_26 44477_04 Rayon chiffon bias cut party dress for a high school age girl

1939lifewimple 1939

spring1934cottondresses2 Spring 1934ce Sears Catalog Selected Fashions

1937chicagowoolen Chicago Woolen Mills & 1937ce Catalog

1938cover La Familia Magazine Fashion & Illustrations of 1938ce

519Q7HFK9QL Recommended Books on 1930’s Fashion


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