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19th Century Fans | History of Fashion Design

19th Century Fans

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Mid-size fan of gilded wood with a silk taffeta leaf, embroidered with small metal sequins. Folded length, approximately 10″. First half of the 19th Century. (click for larger image)

70985_14 70985_13

c. 1895 Fan frame with an Arts and Crafts style design of sunflowers gilded onto the sticks.  This frame was found in a Salvation Army store by Tara around 1980 with tiny bits of shattered plain red china silk glued to the sticks.  Tara subsequently made a red china silk fan leaf with gilt design and her c.1980 style signature on it and affixed it to the frame.  The modern fan leaf is IN NO WAY other than color and fabric intended to represent the appearance of the unknown original 19th Century leaf!


Large bone fan, with heavy silk satin twill leaf with printed psudo-18th Century figures. Folded length, approximately 13″. Probably late 1880’s-early 1890’s. (click for larger image)


Large Lace fan of the 1890’s in the Cameron Gallery.


Two large fans of the 1890’s in the Russian Ethnographic Museum.


An “Art” fan of 1899.  This type of fan was a fad in the 1890’s.  Sold plain and unpainted, the large spokes were given to a group of friends to paint and/or put on their autographs.  This fan has miniature paintings by a group of Munich journalists.  It appears in Max von Boehn’s Das Beiwerk der Mode, 1928


 1880’s (?) fan

fans6 fans7


fans8 fans9

Fragments of 1890’s fan

Aup50035 fans1

Art Nouveau style lace leaf for a fan, c.1900 Image by Broderbund.


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