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19teenth Century Costume & Accessories at the Museum of London | History of Fashion Design

19teenth Century Costume & Accessories at the Museum of London

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Theatrical costume cape

vanda2_166 vanda2_167
Portable Flush Commode, c. 1820

vanda2_169 vanda2_170
Victorian Mourning Jewelry of carved Jet

Other Victorian Mourning Jewelry, including a necklace made of hair.

Henry Irving’s shoes for playing King Lear, 1892

vanda2_175 vanda2_176 vanda2_177

Ellen Terry’s costume for playing ?

vanda2_180 vanda2_179 vanda2_183
A combination corset-flying harness for an Aerialist, 1890’s

vanda2_184 vanda2_188
Muslin summer dress, c. 1864 (With reproduction sash, petticoat and camisole)

vanda2_185 vanda2_190
Cotton summer dress consisting of jacket, skirt and overskirt 1876-8

vanda2_186 vanda2_192 vanda2_193

vanda2_194 vanda2_195 vanda2_196
Reception Dress, by C. Applin, 10 Cork St. London, 1877-9

vanda2_197 vanda2_198 vanda2_200

vanda2_201 vanda2_202
Day Dress consisting of a bodice and skirt, by James Schoolbred & Co., Tottenham Court Road, London, 1884-6 Wool Mantle, c. 1888


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