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18th Century Clothing Patternss | History of Fashion Design

18th Century Clothing Patternss

A Tailor’s Shop in 1760’s France from Shopping for Fashion c.1762
13_jusacorpspagodasleeve Pattern for a Jutaucorps with pagoda sleeve from  Patterns and Pictures from Maurice Leloir’s Histoire du Costume
21_1715-30pattern Pattern for a sleeved Waistcoat, 1715-1730 from Leloir.
29_1688-95banyans Robe de chambre (aka “banyan” or “nightgown”): 1688, the poet Lenoble in a robe de chambre, and a gentleman, 1695 from Leloir.

30_banyanpattern Pattern for a Robe de chambre (aka “banyan” or “nightgown”).from Leloir.
14_1700-5 M. le Duc d’Enghien wearing the extremely wide pagoda sleeve worn from 1700-1705 from Leloir.

justaucorpspatternPattat ern for man’s early 18th Century co”Justaucorps” from Leloir.
vestbreechespattern Pattern for man’s 18th Century vests and breeches
from Leloir.
patternplatexv Pattern for a Mid 18th Century Robe de Francaise (Lady’s Dress) from Leloir.
51_stays Diagram of a boned bodice/stays from Leloir.
52_1715stays Pattern of a c.1715 pair of stays from Leloir.
insideofsack  Diagrams for a Mid 18th Century Robe de Francaise  from Leloir.
hoopncorset Mid 18th Century hoops and stays  from Leloir.
panniers Mid 18th Century hoop diagrams   from Leloir.
dresspattern  Pattern of a white satin dress of 1760 (pictures Below) by McClellan
whitedress whitedressc 1760 Wedding gown of Mrs. St. Clair, trimmed with lace in festooned flounces by McClellan
1787robe 1787 robe de Anglaise, pattern and diagram
by Miscellaneous Patterns & Pictures from Maurice Leloirs Histoire du Costume
1787robepattern robeanglaisediagram  from Leloir.
taylorscompleteguide1796breeches Two Breeches Patterns From The Taylor’s Complete Guide (1796)
lartdutailieur1767 Patterns fron L’Art du Tailleur (1767)
cloakpatternl'artdutailleurCloak with collar from L’Art du Tailleur (1767)
encyclopediapanchouke1780 Coat Patterns based on the Encyclopedia of Panchouke.
1786coatpat 1786 coat from Color plates of original 18th Century costumes from Karl Kohlers Kostume-kunde
1792coatpat 1792 coat  from Kohler.

1794coatpat 1794 coat  from Kohler.

caracopat Pattern For A (Woman’s) Caraco Jacket  from Kohler.
1790jacketpat 1790’s Woman’s Jacket Pattern  from Kohler.
couturierepattern 18th Century Pattern Sheet for a Couturier’s Workshop
breechdiagram detail picture of breeches from Diderot
Detail pictures of three coats from Diderot:
coatdia1 coatdia2 shortcoatdia1
Mid-Century Corset  from Kohler.
Pattern of Above Corset from Kohler.
Man’s Coat of 1780. from Kohler.
Pattern of Above Coat.  from Kohler
Pattern for A Manteau, about 1776 from Kohler.
Pattern for a Roquelaure (Man’s Overcoat) c.1750  from Kohler.

See even more 18th century patterns at  my page
Plates related to 18th Century dress from Denis Diderots Encyclopedia 


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