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17th Century Shoes and Boots | History of Fashion Design

17th Century Shoes and Boots

17th Century Shoes & Boots

From plates from The Romance of The Shoe & other sources

1625-1649Man’s shoe from the reign of Charles I

17thbootv&a17th Century broad topped boot in the Victoria and Albert Museum

cavalersboot According to “The Romance of the Shoe”, Cavaliers of the period 1630-40’s wore broad toed boots, Puritans wore pointed toes, thus rendering footwear a sign of political affiliation.

libornes John Lilibourne, leader of the “Levelers” wore this type of wide topped boot

coblersshopAnother illustration from The History of the Gentle-Craft, (1676) shows a 17th century shoe-shop in the right corner

stcrispanSt. Crispin fitting a shoe on Princess Ursula, from the frontispiece of The History of the Gentle-Craft (1676)

lady'scharlesILady’s Shoe, leather with applied silk braid, English, Reign of Charles II

misslangley'sThis shoe with lace trimming was worn by a Miss Langley during the reign of Charles II, made in pale yellow silk it is embroidered with flowers. Drawing from Greig’s “Book of Illustrations of Collections of Ladies Old-Fashioned Shoes”

englishlate17Silk brocade shoe, English, late 17th Century

english1700Shoe covered with Persian brocade, English, c.1700

1700militarybootsFrench military boots of the style worn from the late 17th century to the middle of the 18th century.   From the Army museum in Paris.

Mvc-026fBoys shoe from Cornelis de Vos, Flanders, 1585-1651, Portrait of Mathilde Linterman and her Two Children, c.1631-2, Oil on Canvas, William Randolph Hearst Collection.

jacobeanfetishshoe fitting, c.1600

Mvc-014fmid 17th Century man in boots

Mvc-029fLady in a shoe shop, 1690’s


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