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17teenth Century Men’s Fashions | History of Fashion Design

17teenth Century Men’s Fashions

1600spanishcapitanoSpanish “Capitano”, c 1600

palavicini1604Plate by Palavicini, 1602

doubbreechlarochaA doublet and breeches by LaRoche 1618

callot1625 callot1625b  Plates by Callot, 1625

bosse1629Plate by Bosse, 1629

bosse1630Plate by Bosse, 1630

abrahambosseEngraving by Abraham Bosse showing the results of a French edict of 1633 requiring plainer dress.

courtier1633Another Courtier in the new Plainer Dress, 1633, his fancy laces and clothes lie discarded to the right.

lagaleriedupalais1636The Gallerie du Palais. In this plate by Abraham Bosse from 1636, it’s obvious that the fashionable crowds are again thronging to the milliners stalls in The Palais Royal market.

aaubrey1643Plate by A. Aubrey, 1643

habitofamanSatirical plate showing the excesses of “The Habit of an English Gentleman” of c.1660

manpetticoat1665A French man in petticoat breeches, 1665

nbonnart1674Plate by N. Bonnart, 1674

courtierfulldresswinter1677A French Courtier in full Winter dress of 1677.

summermans1678Summer dress of 1678

outdoorwinterdress1677Winter dress of 1678

millinersshopA Milliner’s shop, c. 1680. The items on display are all fancy items of men’s wear

coatfullbreechesA coat and full breeches of dark red flowered silk, England, 1681.

arnoultAnother plate by Arnoult around 1690

luikonsc1700Plate by C. Luikon of A Spanish captain, c. 1700

doubletandcapeA doublet and cape,?


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