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16th Century Royal Costume From Herbert Norris’ Costume and Fashion Volume III, book 2 | History of Fashion Design

16th Century Royal Costume From Herbert Norris’ Costume and Fashion Volume III, book 2

book3plate25 book3plate26 book3plate19 book3plate27

book3plate36 book3plate30 book3plate34 book3plate29

book3plate46 book3plate40 book3plate23a&b “Beefeater” Costumes

A Bit about “Beefeater” Costumes:

Plate XXXVIII - Queen Elizabeth - 1588 - Queen Elizabeth I, 1588

XLIIIQueenElizabethinParliament Queen Elizabeth I, 1601

XLILQueenElizabeth1590 Queen Elizabeth I, 1590

XLIQueenElizabeth Queen Elizabeth I, 1589-1594

XLIVMaryFitton1596 Mary Fitton, 1596

maryfitton A color photo of Mary Fitton’s portrait above sent to me by “Sandra” of Canada.

XLVQueenEBlackfriars1600 Queen Elisabeth I at Blackfriars, 1600

XXEdwardVI Edward VI, n.d.

XXIIPrincePhilipofSpain1554 Prince Phillip of Spain 1554

XXIKingofFrance1558 Henri II of France, 1558

XXVIIIQueenElizabethwithGoddesses1560 Queen Elisabeth I with goddesses, 1560

XXVQueenMary1553 Mary (Tudor) I of England, 1558

XXXIIIMaryStuart1560 Mary (Stuart), Queen of Scotland and France, 1560-1

XXXIIQueenE Queen Elizabeth I, 1578-1585

XXXIQueenE Queen Elizabeth I, 1570-1575

XXXIXQueenElizabeth1588 Queen Elizabeth I, 1588

XXXVCatherineDeMediciandFamily1561 Catherine de Medici, Dowager Queen of France, and her children, 1561

XXXVIIQueenElizabeth1587 Queen Elizabeth I, 1587


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